Secondary Air Injection Repair
All cars are needed to have a secondary air injection system that makes the emissions of the exhaust cleaner and they will also help in combusting gases which are harmful. In case the secondary system in your vehicle fails, then you will need to find the right service for repair. To get more info, visit sais bypass kit. The failure in secondary air injection system is caused by the failure of air injection pump, having faulty air lines or solenoids, there being an opening or short wiring for the injection system or excessive buildup of carbon in the system.

There are a number of ways which we used in diagnosing a failure in the secondary air injection system. A mechanic can use a scan tool which will be plugged in the vehicle port for DLC and check for he codes which are stored in the ECU. There can be a history, present or even pending codes which will contain their own frame data freeze.

 The codes will then be written down and then the freeze frame data will be noted and cleared after. The symptoms will be duplicated by the mechanic taking the car for a road test. After this have been perfumed, there will be a visual inspection that will be done on the secondary air injection system so as to determine the faulty hoses, broken components as well as excess carbon. Thereafter, an advanced tool for scanning will be used in monitoring of the air pump operation.

The secondary air injection is very important in deceasing the emissions by a vehicle. They operate by adding air to the system of exhaust thus helping in the burning of emissions which are environmentally harmless. A professional scan tool will be required to correctly diagnose the problem with this system. The tools will allow access to the data which is live from the solenoids as well as sensors. To get more info, visit secondary air injection system repair. Mechanics will then use the obtained information in testing the air injection system and determining the part that is not properly functioning.

Some of the methods which are used in the repair of secondary air injection system include the replacement of air pump, removing the bold up carbon from the system. There can also be a vacuum home replacement as a repair of the system. The issues with the wiring harness can also be replaced as well as the replacement of the air solenoid component in the secondary air injection system. Learn more from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Secondary_air_injection.

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